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How we work
A well-designed project begins with a solid plan, and ensures that the work we do is built on a solid foundation. Below is an overview of Viking Design’s workplan for most projects. It will give you a sense of what we do, and what to expect as your project takes form. It outlines the various stages your project will go through, payments and deliveries, and the input and feedback we need from you to make your project a success. It has been developed to give you the best possible end product. And by keeping the project on time and focused, it stays on budget as well.

General Project Process

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Phase 1 - Discovery
Before the creative process can begin, we need to learn as much as possible
about your company and product, and about your vision and goals. We also
must define the scope and parameters of the project and define how they fit
the strategic objectives of your company.

• Initial Meeting
- review & sign Terms & Conditions
- establish project objectives
- what are we creating?
- how will success be measured?

• Develop Creative Brief
- identify subjective preferences
- outline project components
- identify placement/location/environment
- specify visual/interactive/structural content
- specify finishing, mounting, display, etc.
- research printing costs & timeframe
- set project cost & timeline

• Deliverable
- creative brief and proposal/estimate
- payment of 40% due

Phase 2 - Creative
Now that the goals and objectives of the project are clearly defined and we
understand the findings of the Discovery Phase, we begin the developmental
phase of the project.

• Design Development
- rough sketches/storyboards
- color treatment application
- develop typographic treatment
- design, layout & positioning of overall styling
- create comps & schematics

• Deliverable
- Up to three initial design concepts in presented in PDF format to demonstrate styling options
- client revisions/approval (up to three rounds of client revisions included in the budget)
- 30% due upon approval

Phase 3 - Final Design Implementation
Once the design direction has been approved by the client, we bring the project
through the final steps necessary to create the end product.

• Prepare for Press
- verify raster effects, color profiles & spot colors for output
- add crop & registration marks per printer specs
- add bleed, trapping & separations per printer specs
- specify die cuts, perforations, spot varnishes, etc.

• Manage Production
- communicate client needs & project details to printer
- verify printer’s proofs

• Deliverable
- Finished printed materials and/or digital files
- Final 30% due upon receipt



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