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Logo & identity - Process
Considering the importance of logos & visual identities, Viking Design takes these projects very seriously, investing real thought, strategy and skill.

While the costs & scopes of creating visual identity systems can vary greatly (too greatly to outline here), they usually start with the creation or modification of a logo. Every project and each client is unique, but generally, the design process for a logo is this:

  • Establish deliverables
    Define the project & its components: logo, icon, wordmark, type treatment, incorporate tagline, specify colors, etc.

  • Negotiate & sign contract
    It can be simple, but is very important for both parties. It establishes the cost, process & deliverables, as well as response time, project timeline, rights ownership, payment schedule, etc.

  • Research
    We need to gain some understanding of your target market, competition, values & goals, and likes & dislikes, etc. Also, we want to deliver something that will be truly yours, and not accidentally create a concept already owned by someone else!

  • Concepts
    We start with 100 or more sketches, of which 10 or so are built digitally, of which the best 3 are selected, refined, and delivered as “initial concepts.” The client reviews them, and decides the direction they'd like to follow.

  • Revisions
    The initial concept is refined over the course of up to 3 rounds of revisions, resulting in a finished set of designs that match the goals stated in the contract.

  • Finalization
    The deliverables are built, usually consisting of a set of vector files and a set of raster files, to cover all the variations for all the uses you foresee, along with guidelines for use (file types, spacing, positioning, print & web color specs, and other brand-building components).

  • Delivery
    Finished files are sent by email if possible, or can be hosted on vikingdesign.biz for your immediate download. A backup data disc is sent by USPS, or hand-delivered if possible.

The cost of this process normally ranges between $500 - $1K for a small to medium-size business. Cost is based primarily upon project & client variables, including number of rounds of revisions, number of decision-makers (or review committees), additional market studies (usually done for larger companies), and the length of the project (in weeks). Overall design time tends to be 4-6 weeks.

If you're ready to create a logo or further define your company's visual identity, please contact Viking Design to discuss your project.

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